UNI Spring Football Update: Practice #4
Courtesy: UNI Athletics Communications  
Release: Friday 04/03/2013

Mario Verduzco, Co-Offensive Coordinator, Quarterbacks

Q: After three practices, how do you feel spring football is going so far?
A: Spring practice is going very well. The guys are doing a good job. They are working hard in the weight room and on the field. We have a great group of guys so it has been positive.

Q: What have you been working on with the quarterbacks?
We have been working on building from last year with their feet and their eyes in regards to the pass game. We have been working on them making sure they have the right reads in terms of directing plays in the run game. Those are probably the two main things for us.

Q: What are some of the main differences between this spring season and last spring season?
Offensively we are trying out some different things to take advantage of our personnel, which would probably be the biggest change from last year.

Nick Davis, Strength and Conditioning

Q: How has the spring season been going in the weight room?
The guys are trying to maintain or gain strength in a few areas. We had a really good off-season and a good winter, so that has just carried over into the spring.

Q: Do the different positions have different routines in the weight room?
One thing we really try to emphasize in the weight room is that they are a team on the field and we want them to be a team in the weight room as well. Everything is going to be by the numbers. Everyone does the same main set of core lifts and then once we get that done, we may break into smaller groups and work on specific areas if the guys need it. The smaller groups aren’t divided by position because say an offensive lineman and a wide receiver both need to gain in size, they may be in a group together.

Q: What are some of the differences between fall workouts and spring workouts?
The fall is a little bit more of a grind. You can tell that they get beat up and worn down and you can tell it takes a bit of a toll compared to the spring season. Spring season is only four weeks where fall is 15 weeks minimum without playoffs. The lifts are a lot different too. The time is cut down during the fall to around a 45 minute left and in the spring you are looking at about an hour and half plus maybe pre to post-stretch.

Bill Salmon, Associate Head Coach, Co-Offensive Coordinator, Running Backs

Q: How do you feel the spring season is going so far?
It is going alright. This has only been our fourth practice and the first two were without pads. But it is going well and the kids have been working hard.

Q: What have you been focusing on as a coach during the first practices?
We have focused on trying to get the young linemen to go the right way. We have a couple of new centers in there so hopefully we can get the snap. We are starting with the basics and working on fundamentals.

Q: What have been the main differences so far between this spring season and last spring season?
We have a little bit more experience at our skill positions like at quarterback and with David Johnson having a year under his belt.

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