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Hall of Fame
The University of Northern Iowa has been blessed with a truly outstanding athletics tradition. Whether under the banner of Iowa Normal, Iowa State Teachers, State College of Iowa, or UNI, athletes at our institution have long graced fans of our University with stunning performances on the playing fields.

In an effort to recognize the significant contributions of those who have labored in the cause of fan enjoyment and institutional enhancement, the University of Northern Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1985.
The young men and women who currently participate in athletics at UNI do so with the expectation of success. They live in the present and look forward to the future. However, their hopes and expectations come from those who have worn the Purple and Gold before them.
For individuals to be considered for the UNI Athletics Hall of Fame, please send a letter of nomination to the chair of the UNI Athletics Hall of Fame Committee - Assistant A.D./Athletics Communications Colin McDonough (UNI-Dome Upper NW, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0314 or via email at colin.mcdonough@uni.edu). The letter should include a detailed account of why the individual should be considered for the UNI Athletics Hall of Fame.

2014 (Inducted Friday, October 31, 2014)
Jill Arganbright Volleyball (2000-2003)
Tony Davis Wrestling (1998-2000)
Rachel Jansen Track & Field (2004-2008)
Brad Meester Football (1996-1999)
Tyler Mulder Track & Field (2005-2009)
Dr. Constantine William (Deno) Curris Dr. Jitu D. Kothari Meritorius Service Award  

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2014 Photo Album


2013 (Inducted Friday, November 8, 2013)
Andre Allen Football (1991-1994)
Chris Bucknam Track & Field/Cross Country Coach (1979-2008)
Kent Osboe Wrestling (1966-1969)
Jason Reese Men's Basketball (1986-1990)
Tom Schellhardt Dr. Jitu D. Kothari Meritorius Service Award  

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2013 Photo Album


2012 (Inducted Saturday, September 29, 2012)
Ryan Brunner Baseball (1998-2001)
Mark Farley Football (1982-1986)
Dennis Roloff Track & Field (1971-1974)
Amy Swisher Women's Basketball (2000-2004)
Deb Vangellow Track & Field/Golf (1981-1985)
David S. Peters Dr. Jitu D. Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
2001 Volleyball Team

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2012 UNI Athletics Hall of Fame Photo Gallery


2011 (Inducted Saturday, November 5, 2011)
Dr. Ken Green Men's Golf Coach (1971-1995)
Kevin Meacham Swimming (1974-1978)
Jacob Pauli Track & Field (1997-2001)
Allison (Starr) Pohlman Women's Basketball (1996-2000)
Gary Steffensmeier Wrestling (1988-1992)
Dr. Christopher R. Edginton Dr. Jitu D. Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
1989-90 Men's Basketball Team

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2011 UNI Athletics Hall of Fame Photo Gallery


2010 UNI Athletics Hall of Fame Photo Gallery


2010 (Inducted Saturday, September 18, 2010)
Joel Greenlee Wrestling (1986-1989)
Molly O'Brien Volleyball (2000-2003)
Lindsay (Wood) Stanford Softball (1999-2002)
Dedric Ward Football (1993-1996)
Lee Miller Dr. Jitu D. Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
1964 Football Team

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2009 UNI Athletics Hall of Fame Photo Gallery


2009 (Inducted Saturday, October 17, 2009)
Don Briggs Wrestling Coach (1983-1997)
Lisa Miller Women's Golf (1977-1979)
Mark Onstott Men's Swimming (1971-1975)
Joey Woody Track & Field (1993-1997)
Nancy Justis Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
1950 Wrestling Team

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2008 (Inducted Saturday, October 11, 2008)
Joe Fuller Football (1982-1985)
Lynn King Student-Athlete, Coach, Administrator (1966-1984)
John Martin Men's Basketball (1967-1970)
Kenny Shedd Football, Track & Field (1989-1992)
Tom Simpson Baseball (1963-1965)
Bob Beach Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
1977 Softball Team

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2007 (Inducted Saturday, October 13, 2007)
Roy Fielding Swimming (1970-1973)
Ken Snyder Wrestling (1973-1976)
John Raffensperger Track and Field/Football (1959-1962)
Krista Fosbinder Softball (1986-1989)
Mike Timmermans Football (1972-1975)
Dixon Riggs Dr. Jitu D. Kothari Meritorious Service Award  

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2006 (Inducted Saturday, October 7, 2006)
Jim Berry Men's Basketball (1973-1986)
Maryellen (McCann) Durow Volleyball (1984-1988)
Bill Smith Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Mike Smith Football (1984-1987)
Ron Sturch Track and Field (1954-1958)

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Brent Geringer Track and Field (1976-1979)
Pat Mitchell Football (1959-1963)
Shantel Twiggs Track and Field (1990-1994)
Dr. Sandra Williamson Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Mike Woodley Football (1970-1974)
Kaye Don Young Wrestling (1954-1959)
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Robert Bowlsby Athletic Director (1983-1991)
Kate Galer Hawkins Volleyball (1993-1997)
Maynard Henderson Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
James Jones Football (1987-1990)
Kara Galer Kimm Volleyball (1992-1996)
Dr. Peter Mazula Coach (1965-1993)
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Gary Bentrim Wrestling (1974-1978)
Leroy Dunn Football (1953-1956)
John Gregory Football, Coach (1957-1962)
Bill Lawson Track, Coach (1975-1980)
Bobbi Peterson Volleyball, Coach (1986-1989)
Lyle Schwarzenbach Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Dr. Iradge Ahrabi-Fard Coach (1981-2000)
Lou Bohnsack Basketball, Football (1949-1953)
Richard "Dick" Dotson Track & Field, Coach (1958-1961)
Deb Drenth Basketball (1980-1983)
Glen Henry Coach (1966-1981)
Eldon Miller Coach (1986-1998)
Kent Stephenson Football, Coach (1961-1964)
Dr. Jack Wilkinson Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award
Mary Bernhart Volleyball (1984-1987)
Eugene "Bud" Fisher Football (1948-1950)
Jill Fjelstul Golf (1982-1986)
John "Jersey" Jermier Athletic Administrator (1980-2001)
Jim Miller Wrestling (1971-1975)
Bryce Paup Football (1986-1989)
Bill Salmon Football (1972-1975)
John Aldrich, Sr. Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Lisa Beske Bluder Basketball, Coach (1979-1983)
Russ Bush Wrestling (1946-1949)
Don Erusha Coach (1963-1977,'83)
Craig Kneppe Basketball (1963-1966)
Ruth Ann Meyer Coach (1965-1975)
Darrell Mudra Coach (1965-1987)
Elmer Kortemeyer Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Kathy Shogren Fell Basketball, Softball (1972-1976)
Kirk Myers Wrestling (1978-1982)
Richard Seidler Basketball (1941-1946)
Lee Wachenheim Football (1947-1951)
Barbara Bakker Coach (1970-1974)
Carl Boyd Football (1984-1987)
Jack Jennett Coach (1962-1975)
Phil Minnick Football (1961-1965)
Bill Bergan Track & Field (1960-1965)
Don King Coach (1949-1953)
Jeanne Sutherland Golf (1979-1983)
Steve Wright Football (1977-1981)
Barbara Wahlstrom Carter Field Hockey, Softball, Basketball (1974-1977)
Franc Freeman Wrestling (1960-1962)
Paul Jones Football (1935-1937)
Dennis Schultz Track & Field (1970-1974)
Dr. Lewis Harned Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Carole Baumgarten Coach (1966-1970)
Randy Kraayenbrink Basketball (1982-1986)
Norm Stewart Coach (1961-1967)
Wendell Williams Football, Wrestling (1958-1962)
James Fox Football, Wrestling (1940-1943)
Jim Harmon Wrestling (1951-1954)
Pauline Kelly Golf (1982-1985)
Randy Krejci Tennis (1973-1976)
Frederick "Curly" Steinkamp Football (1939-1942)
Clare Rampton Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Burl Berry Football, Track & Field (1928-1932)
Paul DeVan Football (1945-1949)
Dr. Jane Mertesdorf Coach (1970-1978)
Cecil Mott Wrestling (1941-1946)
George Asleson Football (1959-1960)
Raymond Cheney Wrestling (1933-1937)
Diane Braun Eckhardt Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball (1972-1976)
Kelly Ellis Football, Track & Field (1977-1981)
Bill Fowler Swimming (1972-1975)
Norm Jespersen Basketball (1947-1950)
August "Pudge" Camarata Football (1942-1946)
Wayne Carpenter Track & Field (1967-1970)
Dr. Nancy O'Connor Athletic Administrator  
Dennis Remmert Football (1957-1959)
  Coach (1961-1988)
Bob Siddens Wrestling Coach, Official (1950-1990)
Russ Smith Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Dr. Wanda Green Coach (1968-1992)
Larry McCready Track & Field (1967-1969)
Jerry Morgan Football (1959-1960)
Davis Natvig Wrestling (1934-1941)
Charlie Pastorino Football (1938-1941)
Wayne Duke Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Dan Boals Football (1959-1962)
Gene Lybbert Wrestling (1948-1952)
Mike McCready Wrestling, Track & Field (1970-1972)
Howard Pigg Basketball (1950-1955)
Peter Spoden Basketball (1959-1964)
Dr. Raymond Schlicher Dr. Jitu Kothari Meritorius Service Award  
Loren Buser Football (1963-1965)
George Dutcher Football (1937-1945)
James Jackson Basketball (1958-1961)
Chuck Patten Coach (1965-1982)
Patty Stockman Softball (1973-1977)
Bill Dotson Wrestling (1961-1963)
Duane Josephson Baseball, Basketball (1960-1965)
Bill Nelson Wrestling (1947-1950)
Randy Schultz Football (1963-1965)
Connie Shafar Coach, Administrator  
Eddie Watt Baseball (1959-1966)
Dick Beetsch Football, Basketball, Baseball (1952-1956)
Finn Eriksen Wrestling Coach, Official  
Ruby Miller Athletic Administrator  
Stan Sheriff Coach, Athletic Director  
Bill Weick Wrestling (1952-1955)
1985 (Charter Class)
Elinor Crawford Athletic Administrator  
A.D. Dickinson Coach (1925-1962)
Bill Koll Wrestling (1946-1948)
Gerald Leeman Wrestling (1946-1948)
Dave McCuskey Coach (1931-1952)
L.L. Mendenhall Athletic Director (1921-1960)
O.M. "Hon" Nordly Coach (1937-1954)
Bill Smith Wrestling (1948-1950)
Clyde "Buck" Starbeck Coach (1936-1957)
Lawrence "Mon" Whitford Coach (1926-1965)
Jim Witham Coach, Athletic Director (1956-1970)
Keith Young Wrestling (1949-1951)


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